1. Asthma & Indoor Air Quality

    Find resources and learn the ways to prevent mold inside.

  2. Food, Lodging & Institutions Program

    Gain information about food safety, child care centers, lodging, and find resources.

  3. Lead Investigation & Remediation

    Access Information regarding lead poisoning, lead investigations, and helpful resources.

  4. Meth Lab Decontamination Guidelines

    Discover the rules and regulations behind meth laboratory decontamination.

  5. Migrant Housing

    Obtain information about migrant worker housing and the Migrant Housing Act of North Carolina.

  6. Onsite Wastewater

    Browse through information regarding onsite wastewater and septic systems.

  7. Public Swimming Pools

    Check out the requirements and resources pertaining to public swimming pools.

  8. Tattoo Parlors

    Read through the requirements for tattoo parlors regarding permits, tattooing, and body piercing.

  9. WaterWells & Water Testing

    Learn about water wells and water testing, and find helpful resources and permit applications.