Forms and Publications

Note: Please know that all fill-in PDF forms should be downloaded and saved to your computer or device before you start entering information. This is the easiest way to electronically fill out the forms and prevent losing any information that you have entered.

Address Change

Appeal Form

  • Notice of Appeal of Personal Property
  • Notice of Appeal of Business Personal Property

Business Personal Property Forms and Publications

Cost Index and Depreciation Schedules

Business Property Forms


Please use this link to access all 2023 Schedules and Supplemental Instructions listed below.

  • 2023 Schedule A-1
  • 2023  Schedule A-2
  • 2023 Schedule B-1
    • 2023  Schedule B-1 Instructions
  • 2023  Schedule B-2
  • 2023  Schedule B-3
  • 2023  Schedule B-4
  • 2023  Schedule C-1
  • 2023  Schedule E-1
  • 2023  Schedule G-1
  • 2023  Schedule H-1
  • 2023 Schedule I-1
    • Supplemental Instructions
    • I-1 Excel Format
  • 2023  Schedule J-1

Individual Personal Property Form

Property Tax Relief Applications

Deferred Taxes

Builders Inventory

Other Forms

  • Beer & Wine Application (pdf)
  • Tax Certification (pdf)
  • Heavy Equipment Rental
    • Heavy Equipment Rental Tax Application
    • Heavy Equipment Rental Tax Information Sheet
    • Heavy Equipment Rental Tax Remittance Form
  • Short-Term Rental
    • Short-Term Rental Tax Information Sheet
    • Short-Term Rental Tax Instruction Form
    • Short-Term Rental Tax Remittance Form