Solid Waste

As a public service, the county board of commissioners have authorized the operation of a landfill, greenbox convenience sites, and recycling sites to service the citizens of the county.  

An annual disposal fee (Greenbox Fee) of $157 will be charged to each residential household in the county that does not have household waste collection service (curbside pickup). Residential households within incorporated municipalities will not be billed a Greenbox fee if municipal or private collection services are servicing those properties.  

The annual household disposal fee (Greenbox Fee) is intended to recover the costs of disposing of solid waste from households utilizing the county provided solid waste and recycling collection sites.

Additionally, a $15 landfill fee is charged to every taxable improved property in the county.

For more information about Carteret County convenience sites, including hours of operation and lists of materials that are accepted at each location, visit Carteret County Solid Waste and Recycling.

Exemption or release from the annual household and business disposal fees: If you are the owner of real estate subject to the annual household disposal fee (Greenbox fee) and pay a curbside trash pickup service, please provide proof of service via a receipt of payment during the period of July 1, 2023, through June 1, 2024, and we will remove this fee from your bill. Proof of service is required annually. The annual disposal fee (Greenbox Fee) will be waived if the household has been vacant for the 12 months preceding January 1 of any year. 

If you are requesting a release from disposal fees as related to the information above, please submit a solid waste exemption or release form, and upload the required proof of service for curbside trash pickup service. If approved, the disposal fee will be released from your tax bill.

If you believe you were charged an annual disposal fee (Greenbox Fee) and/or a landfill fee in error (example: a bill for raw, unimproved land being charged a landfill fee), please complete the solid waste exemption or release form and provide relevant information. Once a review is complete, our office will contact you regarding the status of your solid waste adjustment. Reviews may include a request for additional information and/or a site visit.