9-1-1 Emergency Communications

Carteret Emergency Communications (CEC) is a centralized Public Service Access Point (PSAP) for all of Carteret County. CEC provides 24-hour coverage and is charged with maintaining and operating the computer-aided dispatch system for law enforcement, fire and medical calls, as well as receiving both emergency and non-emergency calls for service.

Employee Certifications

CEC has 27 employees that are certified in the three National Academy of Emergency Dispatch Protocol Systems (NAED) which are emergency medical dispatch, emergency fire dispatch, and emergency police dispatch. These protocols standardize the call-taking process in addition allowing for pre-arrival instructions to be provided to the caller over the phone while emergency responders are en route. In addition, the CAD consoles are interfaced with the NC SBI for DCI connectivity and each employee is trained in the proper use of DCI networks.

General Forms