Medicaid Programs

Medicaid for the Aged, Blind, or Disabled
This program is for individuals 65 years of age or older or, if under 65, be disabled based on the Social Security Administration's definition of disability. Blind persons of any age who meet the required definition of blindness may also receive Medicaid.

Medicare Qualified Beneficiaries (MQB)
MQB provides payment of the Medicare premium for those beneficiaries who have Medicare B and who meet program income and reserve guidelines. Under this program, Medicare recipients who meet the income limit for Medicaid but are over reserve can receive a MQB card which will pay the deductibles and co-payments for Medicare covered services.

Community Alternatives Program (CAP)
CAP provides an alternative to nursing home placement by allowing individuals to remain in their home with support services. The program does not provide 24-hour support but works in conjunction with existing caretaker support. Unlike other Medicaid programs, CAP considers the income of only the person who is receiving services.

Special Assistance (SA)
The Special Assistance Program provides a cash supplement and medical assistance to low-income, aged, blind, or disabled persons who reside in a rest home or family care home.

Medicaid for Pregnant Women (MPW)
The MPW Program provides Medicaid to help with prenatal care, delivery, and postpartum care for women with income at or below 185% of the poverty level.

Medicaid for Infants & Children (MIC)
Medicaid for Infants and Children is a program for infants and children to age 19 who meet income and eligibility criteria. There is no reserve limit and no deductible for children who qualify for assistance under MIC.

Medicaid for Families with Dependent Children (MAF)
MAF provides medical assistance to low income families with children under 21 who meet the eligibility requirements. There is a reserve limit, and families with income exceeding the required limits must meet a deductible before Medicaid will pay.

NC Health Choice
NC Health Choice is an insurance program to provide medical coverage for children up to age 19 who are not eligible for Medicaid but whose families cannot afford private health insurance. Eligibility is based on an income of up to 200% of poverty level.