Many Carteret County residents will opt to ride out a hurricane or severe weather event in their own homes. Prior to making that decision, the homeowner should assess the vulnerabilities of the structure and location of their home. An assessment should include a determination of the soundness of the construction of the home with special attention to the methods used to attach the roof structure to the sides of the house. An assessment should also include a review of the potential for the home to be flooded and the potential for roads leading to the home to flood and isolate the home.

The best hurricane protection for your property is adequate insurance coverage.

Many government agencies such as FEMA and the SBA are prepared to assist homeowners with recovering from hurricane damage. However, total replacement or near total replacement of the value of your damaged property is only available through adequate and proper insurance coverage. There are three basic types of insurance available for coastal homeowners.

Three Types of Insurance
  • Flood- required for coverage for any damages resulting from rising water. Coverage provided by a separate flood policy.
  • Homeowners- covers damage from fire, theft, wind.
  • Wind- some homeowners policies do not include wind damage. Coverage is provided by a separate wind policy.
Structure Protection
Any home being used as a hurricane shelter should have the following structural protection in place. Methods to provide these structural improvements must be initiated far in advance of an approaching storm.
  • Alternative Electrical System
  • Garage Door Protection
  • Window Protection
The following supplies will be needed in a home serving as a hurricane shelter. Many of the supplies can be bought ahead of time and stored until needed.
  • Food ( 3 to 5 day supply)
  • Water ( 1 gallon/person/day, 3 to 5 day supply)
  • Baby Supplies
  • Medications
  • First Aid Kit
  • Radio with Batteries
  • Flashlight with Batteries
  • Pet Supplies
  • Cash
  • Home Repair Supplies ( plywood, tarps, duct tape