Permit Application Process

Building Permits

(Note: These steps apply to: frame houses, accessory buildings, garages, decks, porches, and docks)
  • Obtain an Authorization to Construct from the Environmental Health Department if the structure is a residential structure
  • Complete CAMA permits if applicable and complete permit application packet
  • Plot plan of your property showing where the structure will be placed and how many feet it will be from each property line
  • Submit three sets of plans for approval by the Building Inspector, Certified Zoning Official, and Certified Floodplain Manager. This process can take up to three days
  • At the time the permit is written we require a list of the contractors and sub-contractors. The permit cannot be obtained without this list
  • When it is time for your inspections please call the appropriate office with your permit number to schedule your inspection
  • All construction in a Special Flood Hazard Area must also meet the requirements of the Carteret County Flood Damage Prevention and Protection Ordinance
  • Development occurring within the jurisdictions of the Towns of:  Atlantic Beach, Bogue, Cape Carteret, Cedar Point, Emerald Isle, Indian Beach, and Peletier, the applicant must first obtain planning, zoning, and floodplain approval from these respective towns before a permit can be issued by Carteret County

Manufactured Homes

  • Copy of authorization for wastewater or operation permit from environmental health
  • Complete CAMA permits if applicable and complete permit application packet
  • Plot plan of property showing setbacks of manufactured home from all property lines
  • Notarized statements from contractors and sub-contractors
  • Cost, size, year, make and wind zone of your manufactured home
  • Please obtain a permit before moving your manufactured home. You want to be sure your home is allowed in Carteret County. Our county has certain requirements with regards to wind zones
The following numbers are provided as a convenience in fulfilling the above requirements:

Environmental Health                                      Town of Indian Beach
252-728-8499                                                     252-247-3344

Town of Cedar Point                                        Town of Peletier
252-393-7898                                                     252-393-8666        

Town of Bogue                                                  Town of Emerald Isle
252-393-3055                                                     252-354-3338

Town of Cape Carteret                                     Town of Atlantic Beach
252-393-8483                                                     252-726-4456