Meth Lab Decontamination Guidelines

The rise in the use of Methamphetamine has created a serious public health hazard. Most amphetamines distributed to the black market are produced in clandestine laboratories. Methamphetamine laboratories are, by far, the most frequently encountered clandestine laboratories in the United States.

Methamphetamine is easily produced in clandestine laboratories or meth labs using a variety of common ingredients available in stores. The manufacturing of methamphetamine is called "cooking." Cooking a batch of meth can be very dangerous due to the fact that the chemicals used are volatile and the byproducts are very toxic. Meth labs present a danger to the meth cook, the community surrounding the lab, and the law enforcement personnel (or other first responders) who discover the lab.

Cleanup Guidelines
The cleanup of the chemicals used and the byproducts produced require special handling to ensure the safety of the public and the environment. The State of North Carolina has produced Guidelines for the Decontamination and Re-occupancy for Illegal Methamphetamine Laboratories