Application & Site Preparation

The permitting process is specific to the type of construction being applied for new expansion, reuse, or repair. All permitting must be completed before any installation takes place. Please feel free to call the Carteret County Health Department if there are any questions.

Application for Improvement Permit
The lot owner or authorized representative will need to fill out an application for an Improvement Permit. The completed application authorizes the Environmental Health Specialist to evaluate the property. To expedite the soil / site evaluation process, please ensure you have completed the entire application thoroughly. The following information is required on the application:
  • The applicant and the owner's (if different) name, mailing address, and phone number
  • Location of the property
  • Description of existing and proposed facilities and structures
  • Plat of property or site plan
  • Number of bedrooms and number of occupants, number of persons served, design daily flow, wastewater characteristics, and other factors required to determine wastewater system design
  • Type of water supply, including the location of any proposed or existing well(s)
  • Signature of owner or owner's representative
  • If there are existing or proposed easements, rights of way, encroachments, buffers, the property contains designated wetlands or other areas on the property with legal restrictions
Property Access & Markings
The property will need to be accessible and properly marked. The application brochure specifically addresses how to prepare the site. If anything is not completed or marked properly when the Environmental Health Specialist arrives to evaluate the property, he/she will be unable to perform the evaluation. This will result in a revisit fee to the property owner and also delay issuance of permits.