Authorization for Construction Permit

The Authorization for Construction (Construction Authorization) Permit is issued when the conditions required on the Improvement Permit and the Laws and Rules for Sewage Treatment and Disposal are met. The Construction Authorization contains conditions regarding system type, system layout, location, installation requirements, and maintenance and operation requirements. The Construction Authorization is valid for a period equal to the period of validity of the Improvement Permit and shall not exceed 60 months.

Property Owner Responsibilities
The property owner is responsible for ensuring that the Construction Authorization is obtained and is valid prior to the construction, location, or relocation of a residence, place of business, or place of public assembly. The wastewater system contractor is required to install the wastewater system as specified on the Construction Authorization permit.


A Construction Authorization may be revoked or suspended if the site has been altered, or the information submitted in the application is found to have been incorrect, falsified, or changed.