Existing System Authorization

An application for an existing system authorization, typically mobile homes or replacing mobile home with a house, must include a site plan indicating the locations of the proposed facility, setbacks to property line(s) or other fixed reference point(s), the proposed use and design flow, the location of the existing system, and the location of all water supplies.

Original Permit

The original permit issued by the health department, if available, will facilitate finding the system. An information request form may be submitted to the health department to find a permit. The septic tank, proposed structure(s), and water lines and/or wells must be located and staked on the property. In some cases, it may be necessary to uncover the septic tank and the distribution box.


Upon determining that the existing wastewater system and system components has a valid Operation Permit and is being operated and maintained as specified in the Laws and Rules for Sewage Treatment and Disposal and any permit conditions, and that a proposed change of use, location, relocation, or addition to the facility, or connection to the system is in compliance with the Operation Permit and the Rules, the Environmental Health Specialist will issue a written authorization for the connection to the existing system.