Youth Vaping Prevention

Catch My BreathThe Youth Vaping Prevention Program utilize the CATCH My Breath (CMB) curriculum developed by the Michael & Susan Dell Center for Healthy Living at the UTHealth School of Public Health.

CMB is the first and only evidence-based youth nicotine prevention program and has been implemented in schools across the county. This program gives students the knowledge and skills to resist media influence and peer pressure tactics to try vaping e-cigarettes. CMB has proven to work and students who take this program are 45% less likely to use e-cigarettes/vapes than those who have not taken this course. The courses offered through the program will help students learn the dangers of e-cigarette use and help them develop their own reasons as to why not to participate in vaping or the use of e-cigarettes. CMB is also designed to help students talk to their friends and educate them on why they should not use e-cigarettes.

This program uses a variety of strategies to better help the students and ensure that the program is sufficient. Some of these strategies include the use of social emotional learning strategy, learning groups led peers, study of mass media as well as goal setting. CMB ensures cultural appropriateness for students across socioeconomic groups, cultures, ethnicities, and regions across the United States. CMB is also designed to disregard the thought that smoking is the norm, especially in the teen years. This program is also designed to align with the standard course of study in each grade level meaning it can be taught and included into a variety of subjects.

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