Business Owners

Prepare Your Business

According to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) and U.S. Department of Labor, 68 percent of small-business owners do not have a written disaster recovery plan.

Here's what happens after a natural disaster to businesses without a plan.

40% won't reopen25% will close75% will fail

All businesses should have a disaster plan to communicate with employees, local authorities, customers and others during and after a disaster.

Follow these guidelines to prepare your place of work:

  • Provide employees with information on when, if and how to report to work following an emergency.
  • Set up a telephone call tree, a password-protected page on the company website, an email alert or a call-in voice recording to communicate with employees.
  • Store valuable information in fire/waterproof containers, off-site and away from the storm’s path.
  • Evaluate your insurance coverage to ensure it will allow your business to fully recover after a storm. Keep your policy in a location off-site.
  • Maintain a video or pictures of your office/equipment prior to a disaster.
  • Stockpile spare parts and alternative power supplies.
  • Locate alternate work sites and moving companies.
  • Ensure that there are written procedures in place, lists of customers, vendors, inventory, calendars and schedules; and that this information and location is shared with other employees who will be needed to get the business back in operation.
  • Unplug equipment during major storms.
  • Encourage employees to have a workplace survival kit.
  • Complete a business disaster recovery plan. You  can find a sample business emergency plan at or