Make a Plan

As with any emergency situation, having a plan in place and executing it when needed is the key to safety and survival. Follow this 10-Step Checklist to help get you and your family through a hurricane.

Emergency Communications Plan Checklist

STEP 1: Hold a Family Meeting and Create a Communications Plan

Discuss potential hazards associated with hurricanes with the entire family and encourage children to talk about their fears. You should explain some of the things you will be doing to keep everyone safe should a storm threaten our area.

Make a plan to secure your home and detail who is responsible for each activity to ensure it gets done.

Make an Emergency Communications Plan so all family members know where to go and who to contact should you become separated. It's best to select one out-of-state and one local contact for family members to call if separated by a disaster. Remember, it's often easier to call out-of-state than within the affected area, and texting may be easier than calling.

STEP 2: Discuss Shelter Options

Determine where you will go if a storm threatens our area. If you choose to stay home, gather enough supplies to ensure your household's food, water and medical needs. See the Emergency Supply Kit Checklist. If you plan to travel out of town, do so well in advance of the storm to avoid major traffic.

If you expect to seek shelter in a General Population Shelter, remember that public shelters should be your last resort and provide only basic needs. You are responsible for bringing adequate supplies - including personal hygiene items, bedding, snacks, clothing, medicines, and baby supplies - for you and your family. Not all shelters are open for every storm event, so monitor local news to confirm shelter information in the event of a storm watch or warning.

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