When to Call 911

First call 911!

Always call for help - dial 911 - no one can be in trouble for having small amounts of drugs if they call about an overdose.

Tell the operator your location and that you are with a person who is not breathing and might be overdosing. Tell them if you have Narcan and they can help you reverse the overdose.

Good Samaritan Law: It's ok to call for help!

North Carolina's Good Samaritan Law protects anyone - witnesses and victims - seeking medical assistance in drug related overdoses.

If someone is overdosing and you call for medical help, you cannot be arrested or prosecuted for:

  • Possession of small amounts of most drugs
  • Possession of drug paraphernalia
  • Underage possession or consumption of alcohol
  • Violating conditions of parole, post-release or probation