Adult Home Community Advisory Committee

The Adult Home Community Advisory Committee promotes community education and awareness of the needs of the aging in facilities.

Statutory Authorization: NCGS 131D-31
Member Specifications: 9 members
Term: Each new term is one year; if reappointed, term is 3 years
Compensation: None

Meeting Date: Fourth Wednesday of the last month of each quarter, except December where it is the first Wednesday. There is an initial training period of 36 hours to include study of committee handbook and orientation visits to long-term care facilities. Visits in the assigned facilities are of the utmost importance in the participation on this committee.
Meeting Time: 10:15 a.m. via Zoom
Meeting Place: Various adult homes in Carteret County
*Meeting dates & locations subject to change

Contact: Angelia Pridgen, Eastern Carolina Council, Lead Regional Long Term Care Ombudsman - (252) 638-3185

Member NameDesignationTerm Expiration
Rhetta O'Quinn
September 16, 2023


Laura Lee Covington
February 21, 2025
Frances Mason
January 24, 2025
Paige Taylor-Ward
August 17, 2022