Veterans Council

Carteret County, North Carolina

        Local veterans organizations are a valuable community resource for the veteran.  They provide opportunities for socializing, mutual support, friendship, and information that veterans need. 

        Each veterans group having membership in the council has a web page in the site plus a link to its national site.  Links to national organizations provide useful information having application to all outstanding Americans.  Please don't overlook these resources - they contain helpful information about oratory craft (how to make a speech), youth scholarships, tidbits from American history, quotes of the day,  flag courtesy, healthcare news, and more . . .

 Carteret County Veterans Council 

        The Carteret County Veterans Council is the coordinating body for member veterans organizations of Carteret County.

The council sponsors two major annual events:  
          Carteret County Memorial Day Ceremony 
          Carteret County Veterans Day Parade

Other coordinating events include:  
          Sponsorship of this community web site  ('98)
          Support for County VA Healthcare Registration days ('98 & '99)
          Host for NC Tax Equity Task Force tax relief briefing ('98)
          Sponsorship of a Veterans Symposium - ('98) 
          Sponsorship of Vietnam Memorial Moving Wall  - ('94)
          Recognition of outstanding veterans (varied forms - ongoing)