Want to be a Precinct Official?

Add your name to the list of people to work election day.  The Carteret County Board of Elections always needs capable precinct election officials. These are the people who ask voters for their name and address, operate the election voting machines and help voters to cast their vote.

Each voting location is staffed with a chief judge, two party judges and a number of assistants.  The chief judge is of the same political party as the governor whenever possible.  There is one judge and an equal number of assistants from each political party.  All judges are responsible for conducting the election.

Chief Judges Duties and Responsibilities
 Judges Duties and Responsibilities
 Assistants Duties and Responsibilities

If you are still interested, please complete the Recruiting Guide and forward to the Board of Elections, 1702 Live Oak Street, Suite 200, Beaufort, NC 28516.  You can also email the Board of Elections at boemail.carteretcountync.gov or call the office at 252-728-8460.

Recruiting Guide for Precinct Election Officials