Candidates Campaign Finance Reports

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The state's Campaign Reporting Act applies to:

  • all candidates for public office

  • all political party groups and political action committees

  • all groups organized to support or oppose a referendum

  • every person or group participating in activities that support or oppose the nomination or election of one or more clearly identified candidates, or a political party or a referendum

Note: Candidates who have filed a statement verifying that their intent is to remain under the $1,000 threshold for campaign finance reporting are required to keep records, but not required to file reports with the county boards of election.

In addition, candidates for state races are required to file campaign finance reports with the NC State Board of Elections and those can be viewed on their website. 



The Board of Elections sends Notices of Noncompliance to committees that fail to file required reports.  Committees that remain delinquent after a Notice of Noncompliance has been issued may have their Active Status terminated, rendering them ineligible to spend or raise money toward an election.  Notices of Noncompliance and Termination of Active Status letters are public record.

*For additional campaign finance information, please contact the Carteret County Board of Elections Office.