Emergency Management

The Carteret County Office of Emergency Management coordinates with county, municipal, state and federal agencies to provide protection to lives and property from natural, technological and man-made disasters as well as pandemic events.


The Office of Emergency Management is responsible for developing and maintaining the Carteret County Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) and provides training and information to local agencies and residents on preparedness, mitigation, response and recovery issues.

Emergency Operations Center (EOC)
During emergency situations, such as threat of a hurricane, the aftermath of a tornado with widespread damage, terrorist attack or pandemic event, the Emergency Operations Center (EOC) will activate. The EOC brings together key agencies in one room to facilitate sheltering of evacuees, search and rescue, law enforcement, debris removal and much more. The Office of Emergency Management also activates citizen information lines to pass on critical information to concerned residents and visitors.

Emergency Operations Plan (EOP)
The Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) predetermines actions that should be taken by government agencies, private sector and nongovernmental organizations of Carteret County to reduce the effects on people, property, and the environment during an event requiring EOC activation and establish capabilities to respond effectively to the actual occurrence of a disaster.

You can view Carteret County's Emergency Operations Plan here: View the Plan