About Us

The Carteret County Elections Department is responsible for conducting all elections within Carteret County and maintaining registered voter information.

The Elections Department operates under the direction of the Carteret County Board of Elections, which consists of five members. Members of the County Board of Elections are nominated by the local political parties and appointed by the State Board of Elections for a two-year term. Elections Department personnel are County employees; however the Elections Director is appointed by the State Board of Elections based on the recommendation of the Carteret County Board of Elections.


  • Maintain voter registration records

  • Receive candidate filing for General Assembly and local candidates

  • Receive, audit, and maintain campaign finance reports for local candidates/committees

  • Provide for remote absentee voting

  • Train election day officials

  • Provide for election day voting

  • Report election day results to public and authorities

  • Evaluate and improve election services

  • Provide election reports and statistical information

  • Contract for and maintain polling places


  • Provide voter and precinct information to public

  • Provide registration materials and advice for community registration drives

  • Visit community groups for voter/election education

Carteret County Board of Elections
1702 Live Oak Street, Suite 200
Beaufort, NC  28516
Phone: (252) 728-8460
Fax: (252) 728-8571