Medically Fragile Registration

Carteret County Department of Emergency Services officials may order or recommend an evacuation of specific areas of the county for reasons that include: natural disasters such as a hurricane, fire, or flood; man-made incidents, rail, or highway accidents; or technological disasters such as a hazardous material release.

Medically fragile registration is a voluntary program that provides evacuation assistance and sheltering to residents during such times. Transportation assistance can be provided for individuals in an ordered evacuation area who may not have a means of transport to a shelter, and for those requiring health or medical considerations to the Medically Fragile Shelter.

• Requiring transportation to and from a designated emergency shelter;
• Requiring, within the limits of services provided, assistance with mobility, oxygen, routine medication administration, routine health monitoring, etc.

Proper registration requires that registration forms be filled out completely. Forms that are not filled out completely will be returned. Older versions of this form and forms from other programs do not contain the required registration data and will not be accepted.

Residents requiring greater levels of assistance than can be provided by this service such as a hospital bed, hemodialysis, life support equipment, IV chemotherapy, full ventilator, etc. are advised to make alternative plans with the assistance of a physician or health care professional.

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