Carteret Local Foods Council

The mission of our local foods council is to create a vibrant local-food economy in Carteret County.  One of our tasks is public education.  We want to assist you in locating fresh, local food throughout Carteret County.  Here we have several roadside stands that are conveniently located on or near the major roadways.  Being on the coast you can also find fresh, locally caught seafood.  If you are here on a weekend, come visit one of our local markets and get to know our farmers a little better.

Here is a link to a map where you will find roadside stands, markets, farms and seafood.

If you would like to learn a little more about some of our local food vendors, download or view our Carteret County Farm Stands brochure.  There is also a chart showing what fruits and vegetables are in season and when.  The chart will help you know what fruits and vegetables are seasonally available.

For information about the local farmers and where they sell their products, visit the Carteret Local Food Network website.  By clicking on the Local Farmers tab at the top of the page you will access information about our local farmers including how to contact them and where they sell around the county.

To learn the local fishermen, restaurants and retailers that offer locally caught seafood, visit the Carteret Catch website.  Kitchen-tested recipes for preparing local seafood are at  To learn when North Carolina seafood is in season, download our Seafood Availability Charts for the Northern and Southern coastal regions.  To learn how to discern the quality of fresh seafood, visit our guide to selecting North Carolina seafood.