Foster Care

About Foster Care

All children deserve safe, permanent, and nurturing homes. Foster Care is temporary care for children who have the ultimate goal of returning home to their birth parents or other relatives. Children who have been physically abused, sexually abused, neglected or emotionally maltreated are given a family life-experience in an agency-approved, certified or licensed home for a planned, temporary period of time.

Foster Parenting is about believing and investing in the future by helping children and families who have experienced difficult circumstances. Prospective Foster Parents must attend the required 30-hour TIPS-MAPP training. The training will help you decide if fostering is a good match for your family and answer a lot of questions about the foster care system. TIPS-MAPP is a mutual decision process and an applicant can select out or be selected out by the agency if it is determined the applicant may not be a good fit of the children and families served by the agency.