Message from the Sheriff

My fellow citizens,

Sheriff's Office BadgeI write to you to thank you for allowing me to serve you as your sheriff for the past 14 years. On December 4, 2006 I took the oath of office at the age of 31, the youngest sheriff in the state of North Carolina at that time. I held this designation for eight years.

During my entire career, I have maintained a high standard of integrity which I believe is essential in the criminal justice field. The main function and purpose of the sheriff's office is to promote public safety and operate a safe and humane correctional facility. I believe it is important to continually promote high expectations and a clear mission for the sheriff's office. I am very proud where we've come and the many things we have accomplished over the past 14 years. What I am proudest of are the good people who have worked so hard to make the sheriff's office what it is and what it should be. Of the many issues facing the law enforcement community today, maintaining public trust is our main objective. Our deputies and detention officers are in a position of trust and responsibility for the community.

We have many dedicated public servants serving you everyday in our office, from our command and administrative staff, detectives, patrol deputies, civil deputies, school resource officers, court bailiffs, detention staff, and volunteers. They are where the rubber meets the road and they all do a great job for our office and our county.

I thank all the members of our sheriff's office team. I am very proud of them and honored to be able to lead such a fine organization of law enforcement professionals. 

I would like to recognize and thank the County Commissioners for the funding they have provided to the sheriff's office over the years. Our Commissioners have been very supportive of our efforts and I truly appreciate their support.

I thank the county managers and many other members of the county government for the support they have shown our office. Utilizing the county budget funds requested by the sheriff's office has promoted our values and yielded results that have enhanced the safety and security of the taxpayers while keeping officers on the streets, streamlining administrative functions and minimizing costs.

I'd like to thank the leaders and members of the law enforcement agencies in our county as well as other state and federal partners. Right now we have the best working relationship we have ever had and is making a difference in the level of service provided to the public. We work hard to keep Carteret County safe, by making public safety our number one priority to earn your trust and confidence. All Carteret County citizens should be proud of their law enforcement agencies.

Most of all, I think you the citizens of Carteret County. I could not be you sheriff and do the job of sheriff if you didn't allow me to do so. Your trust, support, and assistance over the past 14 years has been tremendous and has meant more to me and the sheriff's office than you could ever know.

We have all come a long way together and I look forward to the future and continuing to serve you as you sheriff. Serving as your sheriff has been, and continues to be, one of the greatest honors in my life.

Thank you,

Your Sheriff,

Asa Buck Signature