What is this Next Generation 911 I’ve been hearing about?

Currently Enhanced 911 (E911) call routing relies on tabular data in order to send 911 calls to the correct 911 dispatch center, which then generates location information of the call. Now counties all over North Carolina are converting to a state-mandated internet protocol-based network to enable citizens to make voice, text and video calls from any communications device. Carteret County GIS will be providing the state with the GIS data needed to populate the system for Carteret County Communications. With the Next Generation 911 (NG911) system, call routing and location information will be relying on GIS data, primarily street centerlines and 911 address point data. This will also allow for a seamless transition to a backup 911 location should communications ever face a significant failure or disaster. The change from E911 to NG911 highlights the importance of accurate addressing!

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8. What is this Next Generation 911 I’ve been hearing about?
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