What is the Recording Notification Service (RNS)?

Recording Notification Service is a free service offered by the Carteret County Register of Deeds that alerts citizens via email when a document is recorded in their name.

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1. What can I do to protect myself from property fraud?
2. What is the Recording Notification Service (RNS)?
3. How does the Recording Notification Service work?
4. What documents will I be notified about through the Recording Notification Service?
5. How do I edit the names being monitored?
6. Is my Recording Notification Service registration subject to public records law?
7. Can I unsubscribe from the Recording Notification Service?
8. Why do fraudulent documents get recorded?
9. If a document is proven fraudulent, can it be removed from the Official Records?
10. What should I do if I think I may be the victim of property fraud?
11. Does the service alert me of documents being recorded in other counties?