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Website Request Form

  1. Carteret County Website Release Request Form
    Welcome to the Carteret County website release request form. Please enter in the following information below. The I.T. Department will review the submitted request and a notification will be sent regarding the decision. Please note, the Internet content filter is not perfect and may, at times, miscatergorize websites causing them to be blocked. The Carteret County I.T. Department reserves the right to deny any request.
  2. Please enter in your email address for contact purposes. Any request submitted without a proper email address will not be completed.
  3. If you selected Other in the above selection please type out your Department or Agency
  4. Please leave a good contact number that you can be reached at.
  5. You can either type in the website address above or copy and paste from your website bar to the space above. If a proper web address is not enter here then we will not be able to fulfill this request.
  6. Please state the business need that require this website.
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