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  1. Sunshine List

    The County of Carteret is committed to keeping the citizen's informed of the operations of county government. The North Carolina General Statutes address how public bodies must provide notice of meetings. NCGS 143-318.12 requires public bodies to provide notice of meetings and public hearings to anyone who requests the information. The list of individuals and organizations who have requested to receive notices is commonly referred to as the "Sunshine List."

    NCGS 143-318.12 allows public bodies to charge $10.00 annually to anyone (excluding media organizations) who request to be notified by USPS mail. No fee shall be charged for notices sent by e-mail.

    Anyone interested in being notified about the County of Carteret's meetings and public hearings should complete the Sunshine List Request for Notification below.

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  3. For additional information or questions, contact the County Clerk's Office at (252) 728-8450.

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