Courtroom Dress and Conduct Code

The courthouse dress and conduct code applies to all parties, witnesses, and other participants who will come into the court. Please read it carefully.

  1. The general public shall bring NO backpacks, briefcases, tote bags, messenger bags, or purses into the courthouse.
  2. Defendants, witnesses, parties, and spectators shall be properly attired. NO tank tops, fuzzy bedroom pants and/or shoes, shorts, biker pants, halter tops, transparent, sheer, or revealing clothing shall be worn in the courtroom. All shirts shall be tucked in and shall contain no inappropriate language or graphics. Pants must be pulled up.
  3. Courthouse security personnel at the entry doors shall warn persons who appear to violate the courtroom dress code but shall not detain those individuals. Any individuals who enter the courtroom in violation of the dress code shall be subject to sanctions deemed appropriate by the presiding Judge. Defendants who leave to change into appropriate dress must inform the courtroom bailiff before leaving and promptly upon return.
  4. Photographs and/or recordings of court proceedings are prohibited unless previously approved by the Court. Any device used to take pictures or record court proceedings are subject to confiscation by the Court.
  5. No wireless devices or cell phones shall be allowed in the courtroom unless previously authorized. Devices which become audible during Court are subject to confiscation. This order does not prevent law enforcement or court personnel from bringing cell phones into the courtroom if the devices are on silent mode.
  6. No child under the age of 12 will be allowed in a courtroom unless directly involved in a case and supervised by a parent or guardian. This provisions does not prevent Court from ordering the removal of unruly or disruptive children.